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مقامی جگہ کا منصوبہ

منصوبہ کیا ہے؟

Local Place Plans are plans developed by communities to show what they would like to see happen in their local area. 


When a Local Place Plan is submitted to the council, departments such as Planning need to take it into account when considering future developments. The more people that take part, the stronger the plan will be and the more likely the area will get investment exactly where it's needed.


This new project 'Because We Say So' from the Kinning Park Complex will focus on the Paisley Road West corridor from Seaward Street near Paisley Road Toll to Ibrox Library on Midlock Street and the surrounding area. We can help put it together but it should be your plan!


It is supported by the Investing in Communities programme through the Scottish Government and will bring together the views and ideas of residents, businesses and community groups who want to take part. 

ہمارے بارے میں


The Kinning Park Complex is an independent community organisation opposite Kinning Park Subway station, that primarily serves the G51 and G41 postcodes. We are a member led organisation and recently brought our home, an old early 1900’s red sandstone school building into community ownership. 


It’s currently undergoing a big renovation to become a fantastic events and community space for you to use. You’ll be able to attend community events and if you want even start your own group! 


We will reopen in Summer 2021 and we are keen to hear what you’d like to see in the space by taking part in the Local Place Plan. 

We will be uploading the feedback forms in Punjabi / Urdu / Arabic very soon. Keep checking back or leave your contact details and we can let you know when they are ready! Filling in the forms will give you the chance to win vouchers to spend in local shops and businesses!

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