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Kinning Park




What changes are needed to make life easier moving around your neighbourhood?

Sustaining Choices is bringing local people together to determine how walking, wheeling, and cycling can be made easier in Kinning Park, Plantation, Cessnock, and Ibrox.





Because We Say So!


Together we will use our personal experiences moving around by walking, wheeling, and cycling to identify good things, bad things, and things that need to change to make our everyday lives easier in our neighbourhoods. This includes everybody, and it includes people who use aids to get around or to help people we care for get around. This can be by walking, running, using a wheelchair, buggy/pushchair, or mobility scooter, or by using a bike, roller skates, and so on.

There are three basic ingredients: ​


To identify and highlight issues


To come together to discuss issues and possible solutions


To prioritise what solutions we want to see and establish action plans to achieve them

On our turf, on our terms!


To achieve this our local Sustaining Choices project asks you to help put these ingredients together by doing the following:


1. Take a walk, wheel, or cycle from your home or workplace to a place you visit frequently. This can be a shop, bus stop, medical centre, workplace, whatever, so long as it’s a local journey you make often.

*While making this journey, ask yourself the following questions:

What things in the neighbourhood make this journey easy and pleasant, and where are they?

What things in the neighbourhood make this journey difficult and unpleasant, and where are they?

What two things need to change quickly?

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2. Record your thoughts in whatever way you like. Take pictures and notes, draw a map, make a video, whatever you like.  We'd love it if you could post it on social media with the hashtag #BecauseWeSaySo and if you have space #SustainingChoices or if you wish you can send these by email to

3. Next, EITHER

Book a place at an online local discussion session here:
If you cannot make it to the online discussion you can consider:
Filling out the online survey here:
PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot participate in the ways suggested, then do what you can in a way that works for you. You can also email Nicky at for support

Do you represent local people or a community as a group based on interest or experience?

Everybody’s experiences and priorities should be accounted for.

To book a session for a specific group of people please contact

Nicky at to enquire.


Once we have determined our priorities and decided an action plan for achieving our aims, the Because We Say So! team will work with our colleagues at Planning Aid Scotland to produce an action plan document. This will be delivered to the local authority and to the Scottish Government. It will also be included in the Because We Say So! Blueprint document, which is being built up by our local communities between now and April 2022 to form a ‘Local Place Plan’.

To find out more about this please visit our main project site at

Sustaining Choices is a project led by Planning Aid Scotland and delivered locally by the Because We Say So! team, a community-led 'Local Place Plan' facilitated by Kinning Park Complex for the communities and neighbourhoods of Tradeston, Kingston, Plantation, Kinning Park, Cessnock, Ibrox, and Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

Sustaining Choices is funded by Paths For All's Smarter Choices, Smart Places programme and supported by Transport Scotland, designed to help communities across Scotland make their neighbourhoods easier to move around in by walking, wheeling, and cycling, or by using public transport.

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