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How does a seer and psychic receive insights?

Our intuition is highly developed. It is like being with a gifted artist, who makes music for a living. Through meditation and other techniques I use, I receive images, feelings, and even clear instructions from internal voices. Those insights are related to almost any kind of subject.

What exactly is the aura and how can it be seen?

I call the aura a “photograph of the soul”. I see it through my intuitive eye, with my physical eyes closed or open. I see the aura like a second body, in and around the physical body of a person, animal, plant, or even minerals. Everything living in the universe has an aura.

Is the future/destiny changeable or is it fixed?

With the right actions, the future can be influenced. In my consultations, I analyse the future of my clients. If it looks good and positive, we leave it the way it is. If I can see obstacles or even a negative outcome, I try to see if something can be done to change the outcome for good.

Can everything be asked or are there limits?

I usually do not focus on health and romantic relationships. It is not that I cannot see it, but I am not a doctor or a love therapist. Do not ask me when you are going to die, it is not set in stone. You are the master of your own destiny - do not forget it!

Are follow-up consultations possible and how often should a consultation take place?

Most of my clients are “old clients”, meaning that they want several consultations. There is no fixed time table, you have to follow your own instincts, in order to feel when you need your next consultation. A first-time consultation always lasts 1 hour. Follow-up readings can last 30 or 45 minutes.

Are the consultations confidential?

Yes, 100%! No difference from visiting a lawyer or a doctor.

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