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A local place plan for the neighbourhoods of Tradeston, Kingston, Kinning Park, Plantation, Ibrox and Cessnock began working to identify local priorities for change. The local place plan will be influenced by the needs and aspirations of local people, supported by Kinning Park Complex.


Put simply, a Local Place Plan is a list of priorities set by local people for what they need and want in their neighbourhood. It is a new model for community-led urban planning and community planning.​

Local Place Plans put local people in control of determining:

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Local Place Plans are a community-influenced plan for everything communities need or want in their neighbourhoods to improve quality of life, health, and wellbeing.

​And local authorities and other service providers are required by law to recognise our Local Place Plans when they themselves want to do any work in the area.

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A more connected community where we help each other and share stories that can benefit our neighbourhoods

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Work is evidenced through the
engagement and consultation with local people to gather data that reflects the neighbourhood’s aims and objectives

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Determines the aspirations for change within the communities

We are doing different projects:

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From solutions to litter, lighting, and road safety, through to providing vibrant community events and activities, through to the creation of public squares, local museums, and changing the layout of roads and industrial areas

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Some will require the local authority to carry out, some we will need to find funds and other professionals and contractors to carry out, and some that we will carry out ourselves

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The point is Our Local Place Plan will put our communities in the best position to achieve the goals they themselves have determined for their neighbourhoods

Download our Local Place Plan 2022 report:
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