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A Local Place Plan for the neighbourhoods of Tradeston, Kingston, Kinning Park, Plantation, Cessnock, Ibrox supported by Kinning Park Complex




Put simply, a Local Place Plan is a list of priorities set by local people for what they need and want in their neighbourhood. It is a new model for community-led urban planning and community planning.​

Local Place Plans put local people in control of determining:

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Local Place Plans are a BLUEPRINT for everything communities need or want in their neighbourhoods to improve quality of life, health, and wellbeing. 

And local authorities and other service providers are required by law to use our Local Place Plans when they themselves want to do any work in the area.

On Our Turf, On Our Terms!

The experts on how well or not a community or neighbourhood works are the people who live in it and experience

it every day. 

Together, using staff and resources at Kinning Park Complex, we can develop a really powerful Blueprint for our neighbourhoods - now, and for the years ahead. Our first Blueprint is due to be completed by April 2022.

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Between now and October 2021 we want all of our stories to be told, find out what our interests, experiences, and ideas are

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Together we will determine, what we have, what we don’t have, what we want, and what we don’t want

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We will begin putting smaller projects into motion - costing and prioritising larger projects with the professionals we require to assist us from October. We will then create our Blueprint, laying our plans for the future

Our Blueprint can include lots of different projects, large and small

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From solutions to litter, lighting, and road safety, through to providing vibrant community events and activities, through to the creation of public squares, local museums, and changing the layout of roads and industrial areas

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Some will require the local authority to carry out, some we will need to find funds and other professionals and contractors to carry out, and some that we will carry out ourselves

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The point is Our Local Place Plan will put our communities in the best position to achieve the goals they themselves have determined for their neighbourhoods

About why we think
Local Place Plans are important
About the
Kinning Park Complex

How to get involved



How long have you lived here, are you new? What are your thoughts and experiences? Do you have issues and ideas to share?

We’re running weekly Q & A sessions for local people to learn more about this project before they get involved.

We want as many local people to lead on this project as possible, so if you have time and skills to offer, we want to hear from you!

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