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Each person is eligible to take part in the voucher competition after completing a questionnaire. A person can get a maximum of 4 entries. I entry per questionnaire completed. Multiple people from a household can participate. 


Participants must leave their name and preferred contact details when prompted at the end of the questionnaire or you cannot be entered into the draw. Your contact details will be stored separately from your questionnaire answers so you can take part anonymously. 


Only those who live and/or work in Ibrox, Cessnock, Kinning Park or Plantation are eligible to participate in the questionnaire and therefore the chance to win vouchers. 


Only those who fill in the questionnaire(s) before midnight on 31st October 2020 will be eligible to win vouchers. 


Vouchers cannot be exchanged for money or for another reward.


Winners will be notified by the contact details they have submitted no later than 1 month after the draw date.

Please mark as ‘safe’ in your email account if that is how you would like to be notified. 


All winners will be posted on our website www.becausewesayso.sct/winners within 14 days of the draw taking place.


Due to ongoing restrictions we will arrange with you the best way for you to receive your voucher(s) when we contact you to let you know you have won.


We will attempt to contact you three times to notify you, you have won. After the third attempt and 6 weeks after the first attempt if we have not been able to contact you we will draw another name from those who entered the raffle.


We will only hold the personal information you provide until the vouchers have been distributed. After this time only those participants who have given permission to be further contacted regarding the Because We Say So project will be kept in a secure database. All other participants will be deleted from our records. We will keep a record of winners for a maximum of 18 months as a record that the draw took place for our personal accounting purposes.

Kinning Park Complex SCIO, a registered charity in Scotland 048399

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